Key advantages of our houses.
- Wooden panels are manufactured at the factory at the factory to avoid the influence of weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, sun) on the manufacturing process thus significantly improving the quality, durability and longevity of the building.
- Wooden constructions are made of high quality materials;
- This construction technology allows high quality and fast assembly of the house on prebuilt foundation also in winter season.
- Energy efficiency - wooden construction houses allow for different insulation volume depending on the purpose and needs of the house.
- Unlike masonry buildings, wooden construction houses require foundation of lower load-bearing capacity, thus wooden panel houses allow to save on costs.

Energy efficient and fireproof homes.
As regards wooden constructions, mineral wool or stone-wool insulation is applied in multiple layers, thus covering the insulation joints and wooden constructions (columns, rafters and beams) to achieve excellent thermal insulation of the building and improve the fire safety of wooden constructions.

External thermal insulation of the building consists of wind barrier - diffusion membrane that serves as a waterproofing material to protect the thermal insulation and wooden construction from the impact of water as well as it serves as a wind insulation to prevent energy loss caused by wind. 
Internal thermal insulation consists of active vapour barrier - diffusion membrane to protect the building envelopes and the insulation from the humidity - vapour that occur inside the home. 
Construction of the membrane allows water vapour to migrate freely outwards, at the same time preventing moisture from diffusing into the thermal insulation, thus maintaining efficient microclimate of the thermal insulation and construction.
Even very small holes have a severely limiting effect on the thermal performance, and therefore, insulation must be secured to the construction elements and joints must be sealed with waterproof and anti-drying tape.
Fire safety of the home can be considerably improved using fireproof materials in faced and interior decoration.

Resistance and longevity.

Wood possesses high resistance that allows using it for high load-, height- and pressure-bearing constructions.

An interesting fact - a wooden bar will break down under its own weight is it is 24km long. For comparison – a steel bar will break down if it is 20km long.

By limiting and stabilizing humidity of wood we can increase its durability. If the wood is dried to the right humidity volume, it can be preserved for very long time, even for several centuries.

What is a wooden panel house?

Wooden panel houses consist of a wooden frame. It all starts at the factory where construction elements or panels (walls, ceilings and roof constructions) of the house are assembled from different timber materials (columns, beams, rafters). Panels are filled with insulating material (mineral wool or stone-wool), windows and exterior door are constructed, as well as complete or partial facade decoration and interior wall finish are performed. After being constructed at the factory, panels are delivered to the construction site where the house is assembled on pre-built foundation.

Classic construction technology of a wooden frame house.
Timber materials (columns, beams, rafters) are sawn to specific size and then packed and delivered to the construction site for assembly.
- Such construction technology ensures rather fast and quality construction of houses, as well as this technology allows construction in areas that are difficult or impossible to access by heavy equipment.

Wooden constructions of our produced houses

Our manufacturers timber products that conform to C16 and C24 resistance standards, these are factory dries timber products (humidity content 16 % +- 2 %), that are calibrated (planed to exact size) and then sorted by resistance level and affixed with the CE label according to the requirements of the European Union. The building technology we apply ensures that the wooden constructions is “breathing” because the construction is insulated with stone wool that is fine “breathing” heat insulation material and there is an air-escape between heat insulation and facade finishing that allows the wooden construction to maintain the right humidity volume (15-20 %)
-Considering that the average temperature during summer is 10oC and the relative humidity is about 80 % in our climatic zone, the wood is able to dry out to 18-22 %, when the humidity is about 20 %, the key enemy of the wood – rot fungus perishes. This humidity level shows that nature self ensures protection of the wood in this way.

- Depending on the need and the intended site of use, timber are treated or impregnated with different wood preservatives to significantly extend their life.

Facade decoration:

Our standard offer consists of wood planks that are treated with lasures (visible wood structure) or acrylic paint that is applied in such a way that fully or partially covers the wood structure. 
A wide range of colours available
Finishing planks are treated at the factory to avoid exposure to weather conditions thus significantly improving the quality, durability and longevity of the facade.
We offer finishing planks of different tree species (fir-tree, pine, larch);

We also offer different type of facade decoration: 
- different particle boards and fibre cement boards;
- metal or plastic wall finishing profiles;
- brick or stone tiles;
- plastering or decorative plastering;

Interior decoration:
With a wide choice of finishing  materials and different types of finishes, there are virtually unlimited interior decoration possibilities:
- wood;
- different particle boards and fibre cement boards;
- gypsum-cardboard;

Our wooden construction panel houses are available in different configurations:

- wooden frame construction without thermal insulation; 
-  wooden frame with thermal insulation;
- wooden frame with facade decoration and interior finishing;
- wooden constructions with built-in engineering communications;