Wooden frame panels

Wooden frame panels

  • Due to the relatively light weight, strength, durability, flexibility and for a variety of possible shapes, a wooden frame panel system provides the ability to build any energy efficient buildings of application, size and complexity.
  • Wood possesses high resistance that allows using it for high load-, height- and pressure-bearing constructions.

Wood Frame Panels Have Wide Applicability

  • Exterior walls;
  • Partitions;
  • Floor constructions;
  • Intermediate floors;
  • Roof construction;


  • We can design the building structures of any building in a system of wooden frame panels, regardless of whether its structures are designed as a wooden frame or masonry.
  • We produce wooden frame panels according to Individual orders with the structural composition required by the customer.


  • Construction quality and accuracy;
  • Lower construction costs compared to traditional construction;
  • Relatively faster construction process compared to traditional construction;
  • Energy efficiency, it is possible to incorporate thermal insulation into constructions up to the norms of a passive house;
  • Ecologically clean building from renewable natural resources;
  • Variety of architectural forms;
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Ecologically Clean And Energy Efficient Building From Renewable Natural Resources

Production process of wooden frame panels

  • Wood panels are based on of a wooden frame, which is insulated, after which the panel is fully or partially finished.
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wooden frame constractionkoka karkasu paneļu ražošanawooden panel houses

  • The panels are packed and transported to the construction site.

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  • The building is assembled from wooden frame panels at the construction site.

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energy efficient homes

Basic principles of construction of energy efficient building structures

  • As regards wooden frame constructions, mineral wool or stone-wool insulation is applied in multiple layers, thus covering the insulation joints and wooden constructions (columns, rafters and beams) to achieve excellent thermal insulation of the building and improve the fire safety of wooden constructions.
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  • Flexible stone or mineral wool boards are used to insulate vertical structures, which does not settle over time.

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  • Loose mineral wool is used to insulate the attic.

koka konstrukciju siltināšana

  • External thermal insulation of the building consists of wind barrier – diffusion membrane that serves as a waterproofing material to protect the thermal insulation and wooden construction from the impact of water as well as it serves as a wind insulation to prevent energy loss caused by wind.

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  • Internal thermal insulation consists of active vapour barrier – diffusion membrane to protect the building envelopes and the insulation from the humidity – vapour that occur inside the home.

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  • Construction of the membrane allows water vapour to migrate freely outwards, at the same time preventing moisture from diffusing into the thermal insulation, thus maintaining efficient microclimate of the thermal insulation and construction.
  • Even very small holes have a severely limiting effect on the thermal performance, and therefore, insulation must be secured to the construction elements and joints must be sealed with waterproof and anti-drying tape.

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external wall

external walls



  • As we use ecologically clean materials in the thermal insulation and constructions of our built modules, various rodents, such as mice and rats, often want to live in them;
  • In the floor construction of our houses from the outside, if the underground of the house is ventilated, and in the ventilation openings of the facade, a steel mesh is incorporated, which ensures protection of the building structures against rodents.

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