Indicative prices for construction of  houses (territory of Latvia):

Wooden frame construction with insulation (outer walls, partitions,covering, roof construction)

price from 230 eur/ m2

1. “GRAY FINISHING” price  from 550 eur/ m2
-Foundation with heat insulation;
-Wooden construction of a building with heat insulation;
-Facade finishing;
-water drain;
-Windows and outer doors;
-Concrete floor heating;
-Internal engineering (electrical wiring, water-pipe and sewerage system);


2.’’WHITE FINISH’’ price from 150 eur/ m2

-Cosmetic finish of walls and ceilings;
-Floor coverings;
-Interior doors;

Influencing factors of construction costs:

-The size and particularity of the project;
-Types of finishings;
-The type and amount of heat insulation;
-Location of the construction object;
-Topographic and geological characteristics of the building plot;

-We create a personalized estimate cost for each specific project for each customer considering factors affecting the construction costs.