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The area of the module is 41 sq.m.

The modular building, which is structurally designed in such a way that it is possible to transport and lift it with a crane. This type of house is placed on columnar (steel screw piles, concrete piles, columnar concrete) foundations.
This modular building is sustainable with good thermal insulation, quality constructive solution and finishing.  See more>>>>
Warranty 10 years.

Price without interior decoration EUR 22,200 (incl. VAT 21%)

Complete set:
1) Modular wooden structures with steel fasteners;
-integrated fasteners for lifting and fixing the module on the car trailer;
2) Thermal insulation:
-in external walls-200mm flexible mineral wool Isover standard;
– in the floor construction – 200mm flexible mineral wool Isover standard;
– in the roof construction – 200mm flexible mineral wool Isover standard;
– vapor barrier membrane – Jutadach VB120;
-wind barrier membrane -Jutadach 115;
3) Windows and exterior doors – PVC;
4) Roof covering:
– fusible roofing material in 2 layers;
– tin roof elements;
5) Facade decoration – wooden decoration boards painted ;
6) Terrace with canopy and storage;

Price for interior decoration EUR 11,200 (incl. VAT 21%)

Complete set:
1) Sauna:
– decoration of walls and ceilings with aspen wood boards;
– tiled floors, built-in water drain trap;
– sauna stove (wood), stainless steel chimney;
– sauna door – tempered tinted glass aspen wood box;
– heat-resistant sauna lamp with a wooden grid;
-air intake and exhaust diffusers;
2) Lounge:
-Wall and ceiling decoration with wooden (spruce/pine) boards, painted ;
-Floor covering laminate parquet;
– The walls and floor of the shower niche are tiled, a water drain trap is built into the shower floor;
-Internal wiring;

The price is indicated for the module plan No. 1.

Various interior and exterior finishing solutions are possible.

plan of sauna
plan of sauna
plan of sauna
karkasa mājas
pārvest māju
pacelt māju
pirts cena
koka fasādes
modular sauna
modular houses
wooden terraces
fasādes apdare
built sauna
pirts krāsns
pirts lāvas
pirts lāvas
modular sauna
latvian modular saunas
pirts būvniecība
latvian saunas
koka mājas
koka apdare