Mobile modular outbuilding 9,3 sq.m.

хозяйственные постройки


Module area 9,35 sq.m

Price 3 300,- eur  (the price includes a ready-made module)

Complete set:

  • wooden constructions of module (floor, walls, roof) with steel fasteners;
  • floor covering – wooden terrace boards, impregnated and painted;
  • facade decoration and roofing base – wooden decoration boards, painted;
  • wooden structure door with wooden plank finish;
  • roof covering – fusible ruberoid in 2 layers;
  • tin roof details;
  • Built-in steel fasteners for lifting the module;
  • Colors of your choice;

The price is without VAT 21%.

Delivery costs are calculated according to the location of the object.


This is a modular building, which is structurally designed in such a way that it can be transported and lifted by a crane.
This type of building is placed on columnar (steel screw piles, concrete piles, columnar concrete) foundations.

saimniecības modulis
saimniecības ēkas
хозяйственные постройки
moduļu saimniecības ēkas
хозяйственные постройки