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tiny houses


Modulus  area 35 sq.m

SMART modular building, which is structurally designed so that it can be transported and lifted with a crane with a partial or full finish.

  • The modules can be connected to countless units.
  • If necessary, they can be unplugged and moved to another location.
  • Various architectural, interior and exterior finishing solutions are possible.
  • In the project it is possible to make changes in the layout of the premises in the location and dimensions of windows and exterior doors.
  • Various facade finishing materials are available – wooden finishing boards, decorative plaster, cement fiber plates and boards, decorative stone slabs, brick tiles, etc.
  • For the possibility to order a house project or construction, contact the specified phone or e-mail.

Construction costs EUR 19 500, – (Modulus  area 35 sq.m)
Construction costs EUR 16 100, – (Modulus  area 25 sq.m)

  • House structures with thermal insulation;
  • Roofing;
  • Windows and exterior doors;
  • Internal engineering communications;

The price is indicated as an approximate, an updated estimate is developed by attaching the project to the building plot. Price not included VAT 21%.


modu'lu m'ajas
price of modular houses
koka fasade
tiny homes
moduļu māju interjers
moduļu māju interjers
модульные дома
tiny houses
wooden tables