We sell at a reduced price 18 000 EUR
-2 modular Energy Efficient All Season Residential Buildings.
-Space of premises area 49,6m2, ceiling h = 2,5m.

-The building is easy to assemble and dismantle from two modules.
-In modules constructions are integrated lifting and connection steel fasteners.

The price 25,000 EUR includes:

-2 modules

- facade finishing - wood finishing boards (spruce) 18x145mm antiseptic, painted with Remmers lasures color 3 layers.

-exterior walls from inside -  15mm OSB / 3 wood fiber boards,  joints are glued with special adhesive tapes;
-ceiling - 15mm OSB / 3 wood fiber boards,  joints are glued with special adhesive tapes;
-floors - 22mm OSB / 3 wood fiber boards, covered with flexible waterproofing mastic;

-exterior thermal insulation 150mm + 50mm mineral wool ISOVER KL35 (see wall panel);
-floor thermal insulation 350mm mineral wool ISOVER KL35 (see floor panel);
-thermal insulation in the roof (ceiling) 350mm mineral wool ISOVER KL35 (see roof panel);
- wind barrier membrane Jutadach 115 from outside - outside walls, roof and floor;

-in floor construction are built-in plumbing and water pipe systems

-in modules construction are built-in lifting and connection fasteners;

-roofing - fusible ruberoid;

Structural composition

floor                                                       external walls                                            roof, ceiling

The price does not include:

-windows and exterior doors;
-electrical wiring;
-wall and ceiling finishing;
-floor coverings;
-interior doors;
-module delivery and assembly;

For an additional fee we can make internal finishing works and foundation construction (making an estimate and matching finishing materials), approximate cost starting from 15,000 EUR, costs depend on the type of finishing materials and the distance of delivery of the modules. You can also do the finishing work yourself.